Getting Help

Getting Help


If you're wondering how to do something TooLoo's built in usage docs are the place to start.

tooloo --help

Here's what that contains as of the time of writing.

  tooloo -V|--version[=Any] [--verbose[=Any]]
  tooloo add <file_path>
    -- Add & updates documentation of a command with a .toml file, or an ansiicast demo with a .cast file
  tooloo add-many <directory_path>
    -- Add / update all .toml & .cast files in a directory or its children.
  tooloo demo <command_name>
    -- play the asciicast demo of the specified command
  tooloo demos
    -- List all your commands that have associated asciicast demos
  tooloo find [<search_strings> ...]
    -- Execute a full text against documented commands. Search terms should be separate arguments.
  tooloo list
    -- List all your commands & their quick description
  tooloo list <filter>
    -- Lists a filtered subset of commands via filter: 'demos'
  tooloo list-json
  tooloo export <format> <export_directory>
    -- Create a static blog documenting all your commands
  tooloo remove <command_name>
    -- Remove a command from the database
  tooloo serve <hostname> [<port>]
    -- Starts a mini JSON REST server (will lock the db)
  tooloo show <command_name>
    -- Display the full details of a specific command
  tooloo show-json <command_name>
  tooloo template <command_name>
    -- Generate a blank TOML template alongside the specified command
  tooloo update <path>
    -- Updates documentation of a command with a .toml file, or an ansiicast demo with a .cast file

    <file_path>           Paths must end in .toml or .cast
    <directory_path>      Path to dir to search for .toml & .cast files
    <filter>              Currently supported filters: demos
    <format>              Currently supported formats: hugo
    <export_directory>    the directory to export to
    <hostname>            Hostname or IP address to bind to ( / localhost)
    [<port>]              port to use, defaults to 6996 [default: 6996]
    <command_name>        The name of the executable


If you need more details, this site is probably likely to answer your questions.

If you still have questions, feel free to reach us on Mastodon at

Filing Bugs & Feature Requests

Our Issue Tracker is public. If you're filing a Bug please be as detailed as possible. If we can't replicate your problem, we probably won't be able to fix it.

If you're filing a Feature Request please include the "why". What you want is important, but why you want it is even more important, and may lead to a better solution that hasn't occurred to anyone yet.


Right now there aren't any known issues or common problems with TooLoo itself.

TOML Issues


Backslashes are interpreted as escapes, which can be problematic in example code.

For example, I had the following in one of my description="""...""" blocks.

For Example

for file in (fbn "\.rakumod")
      echo prepending to $file
      prepend legal_notice.txt $file
      git add $file

TooLoo complained about problems with the TOML so I followed the instructions it provided and ran toml-cli external link icon .

toml get /Users/masukomi/bin/prepend.toml .

which complained about the for file in (fbn "\.rakumod") line. In the end it turned out it was complaining about the fact I'd escaped a period, which didn't make sense to it. The solution was to change the line to for file in (fbn "\\.rakumod"). The extra backslash isn't passed on to TooLoo, so it doesn't appear when you run tooloo show ... or when you export to a Markdown site.