Finding Tools

Finding Tools With TooLoo


On the command line you can pass tooloo a list of words to "find". It will return any results that match any of those words or their variants (see "Full-Text Search" below.)

tooloo find <list of search terms>
# ex.
tooloo find networking
tooloo find ruby html

In the ruby html example it will match any tool whose language is set to "ruby" or that mentions "ruby" in the description, short_description, or tags. Ditto for "html".

Once you've found something promising, you can show its details with

tooloo show <command_name>

Full-Text Search

On the command line TooLoo offers full-text search external link icon via SQLite's FTS5 extension external link icon . This means that searching for "networking" will also find "network" and "networks". It's also case-insensitive. Searching for "Network" will find "network".

In web sites generated with our default hugo setup external link icon it uses Lunr.js external link icon which also provides full-text search. So, either way, you should have helpful search results.

Unfortunately "stemming" (finding the other forms of the same word) doesn't generalize across languages well, so your searches are unlikely to benefit from this is you use a language other than English.

Browsing for something

You can output a full list of all your tools with

tooloo list

The output looks like this

A screenshot of a two column terminal output showing command names in the left column and short descriptions in the right.

Listing Demos

If you'd like to see, only the tools that have associated Asciinema demos you can run

tooloo list demos