Integrated Asciicast / Asciinema support

Asciinema external link icon is a tool to record, and play back pure text recordings of command line usage. The files it creates are in the asciicast external link icon file format. These files use the .cast extension and can be replayed in your command line, or embedded in web pages. They are dramatically smaller than video files.

Associating Asciicast Files & Remote URLs

TooLoo can associate a local asciicast file with any existing command. It achieves this via naming convention: the file name must match the command + the .cast extension. If your command name is foo then your asciicast file must be named foo.cast If your command is named then your asciicast file would be

If you'd like to associate a remote asciicast file, maybe one hosted on a web site, then you should do it by setting the asciicast_url in the command's TOML file to the remote URL.

Listing All Commands With Asciicasts

There are two ways to list all the commands that have associated asciicast demos.

tooloo demos
# or
tooloo list demos

Both ways produce the same list. The output is the same as the normal list function, but limited to commands with demos.

Local Playback

If a command has an associated asciicast file, and you have asciinema installed locally, you can watch the playback by running

tooloo demo <command>

The demo will begin to play via asciinema. You can stop it early with ^C