TooLoo Installation

TooLoo is written in Raku external link icon , and uses the zef external link icon package manager for installation.

If you’ve already got Raku and zef installed then just run:

zef install TooLoo

If you don’t have Raku installed then…

Raku install quick-guide

My recommendation is to use Homebrew external link icon to install Rakudo external link icon 1. Regardless of if you use Homebrew, or download from the main sit, you’ll want the Rakudo-Star external link icon This brings along a handful of other useful things, like our package manager: zef external link icon .

brew install rakudo-star

Now, go back and run the zef install command above.

  1. Rakudo is the Raku virtual machine. Just like there are many different Virtual Machine’s for Ruby, Raku can, potentially have many different implementations. ↩︎